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Sugar Skull Couple Figurine Cute Decoration

Sugar Skull Couple Figurine Cute Decoration

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a woman (she is curvy, smaller, and has eyelashes.) I am willing to change it for those who request it (for example, to make two males or two females). Please send me a message. For a while, I felt the pain that they could only sit on the windowsill. I thought some people might not like this, so even though it was not shown, I chose to let them sit on the 3D printed black rectangle while their legs were still hanging. In this case, they will be fixed to the module as one piece (they will not lose up and down).

Basic options: The "loose" option means that these figurines will be placed on the ledge of your choice as shown so that their legs can be hung. They will not connect to the base. They must be placed on a ledge where feet and legs can be hung. The

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